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Dean Rogers, PGA professional

Fantasy photo shoot with Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose plays a "witch in the forest"

Fantasy photo shoot - the story

To tell the truth we didn't really start out with a storyline for this one.

Ruby's character seemed to grow from her costume, the location, and her poise. Our interpretation of what we see is subjective, so I don't know if you will agree that Ruby seems to exude a mixture of beauty, shyness, and enigma? Why is she hidden away deep in the forest? Maybe there is a source of power behind her beauty? She does seem to have an influence over the local climate, because she can conjure up spooky green mist, followed by orange fire and smoke. And she does seem to be blessed with a kind of light from above, doesn't she?

But hang on a moment - she seem to have three left feet! I think she likes to keep that fact hidden. Is the witch in the forest more creepy than first appearances show? Or should we not be prejudiced against people who are physically different?

Do you think the witch's beauty is a lure that she uses for some purpose?

Indeed, what is the allure of the "witch in the forest", Ruby Rose?


This fantasy photo shoot was done in association with PortraitX. PortraitX is a group of (mainly young) people who are interested in doing fantasy photo shoots on location. I am one of PortraitX's in house photographers. We provide training to budding photographers who want to get something different in their portfolios.

Ruby Rose is an actress. Her make up was done by professional make up artist Georgia Paxton.

Would you like to model in your own fantasy photo shoot?

Would you like to hire me for your own fantasy photo shoot? Once your deposit has been paid, we can develop your character and story line together. Prices start at £75.