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“We were really happy with the album. Already you became a star with our friends.”

Body painting fantasy photo shoots

Photo shoots with professional body painter Sy Fer

Sy Fer's prefessional experience includes Disney UK, Jean Paul Gaultier and Phantom of the Opera.

This year (2019) Sy Fer came fourth in the professional category of "Brush Wars" at Olympia. Last year (2018) she won the Student category outright. She also came third in the international competition "Beauty Olympia" in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Truly unique photo shoot experience

If you book a body painting photo shoot this is what you can expect;

  1. The pre-shoot consultation
    Before your photo shoot we will have an in depth discussion about what kind of image we want to create. There are no restrictions on our imagination. We can plan your look and discuss suitable backgrounds. If we decide on a specific background I will photograph you for this background. This discussion wil involve myself and Sy Fer as well as the client.
  2. The photo shoot
    This will take place in my studio in Kingston upon Thames, and you need to allow "one working day" for this. Sy Fer will use all her artistic skills to paint your body. Please note the body painting takes about 4 hours, and for most of it you will be standing. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day. When you are ready to come in front of the camera I will photograph you using all my experience and lighting skills.
  3. The viewing
    After I have made a selection of the images and edited them you will be invited back to my studio to see the photos. This is when you decide which image you want in your wall art. At this time we will revisit your selected background image.
  4. The wall art
    I will use your selected image to create your final picture using an appropriate background image. This may be a photograph I have taken, an abstract image, or a photograph from a stock library. I will insert your new background and provide you with your ready-to-hang wall art!

Protecting your modesty

SyFer is very protective about her clients! The body painting will take place in a private area, and Sy Fer will not allow a male photographer to see what she is doing until the model is "decent" and nearly ready for the camera. The model wears thin plastic pants which are also painted, and plastic covers for the nipples. It is my responsibility to make the boundaries of the nipple covers and pants completely invisible in Photoshop.

Age restriction

Although body painting is about beauty and not sexuality, I will only do body painting photo shoots with clients who are at least 18 years old. Clients are welcome to bring a chaperone if they want (as for all my photo shoots).


Ian Trayner with Sy Fer at the Parallax Art Fair, October 2019. Some of Sy Fer's creations can be seen in the background.