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“You are a very, very good photographer”
Damian McGillicuddy (Master Photographer)

Christmas gifts - genuinely unique photo shoots

Photo shoots that include finished wall art

Are you looking for genuinely unique Christmas gifts? There is a problem with buying photo shoots as gifts. It is that whoever receives the gift usually has to spend their own money if they want to buy products after the shoot.

So I have prepared some Christmas gifts that include final products. They include photographic wall art that is ready to hang. These photo shoots are truly unique and designed specifically for the person to whom the gift is given. Your loved one will not have to pay a penny, will have a photo shoot experience designed specifically for them, and will end up with unique and beautiful photographic wall art in their home.

My unique Christmas gift photo shoot packages

  1. Standard photo shoot including a 20 inch framed picture - £299
  2. "Special experience" (includes professional hair and make up) photo shoot with a 20 inch framed picture - £384
  3. "Special experience" (includes professional hair and make up) photo shoot with a 26x18 inch luxury acrylic - £765
  4. Body paint photo shoot with a 26x18 inch luxury acrylic - £1,210 (includes editing to provide a natural or fantasy background)

NB Although I have designed these photo shoot packages with specific products in mind, it is possible to change these products at the viewing. See below;

How it works

  1. Secure the time of your photo shoot with a non refundable booking fee of £75. Please note the full balance needs to be paid prior to the pre-shoot consultation.
  2. After the balance has been paid, I will plan the photo shoot with whoever is receiving the gift.
  3. The photo shoot itself.
  4. A viewing session in my studio after the photos have been edited. This is when the person receiving the gift selects which photo they want in their wall art. At this point they can upgrade to more expensive products and pay the difference in value, or they can change the product to others that have an equal or lower value. If the value of these new products is less than that of the included product, no money will be refunded.

What is the time scale of this?

You can buy and book these photo shoots as soon as you like. I envisage that most of these gifts will be given as presents at Christmas, and the photo shoots will be booked through January and February.

If you want to complete the process before Christmas this may be possible, depending upon when you book and how free my diary is. Please note that I never book more than one shoot on any one day. Photo shoots can be booked on any day of the week including weekends, and in the evenings, subject to availability.

Want to see some samples?

If you want to see samples of framed pictures and luxury acrylics you can book a time to visit my studio. Please note that visits are strictly by appointment because I may have other clients here.

How much time do I need for a body painting photo shoot?

You need a day. The body painting takes 4 hours, and most of it is standing.