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“...shared it with both sets of parents and the response is pretty emphatic - they love the photos.”
Matt and Sanna

Privacy policy

"Circle of Life Photography" is the website run by Ian Trayner, trading as "photographer-in-surrey.net", click here for contact details.

I am committed to ensuring the privacy of my customers, and visitors to my website.

The website

The website does set a few cookies of a technical nature (for example Google analytics). If you are a client who needs to enter the private area your browser must accept cookies. However as far as I can tell the rest of the website seems to run fine if your browser has cookies turned off.

If you don't live in the digital age and don't know what "cookies" are, or what a "browser" is, you can look them up using Google.

Business records

My business keeps records of financial transactions, and information required for my accounts.

My business only stores personal information about you that you provide yourself (for example contact information), or is provided to me by a third party with your consent (eg a model agency, or "networking").

I do not share any personal information about my customers with anyone, unless given permission to do so. This includes contact information (address, phone, e-mail).

All business records that are stored digitally are on a secure password-protected computer that is only used by myself. It is protected by Intego NetBarrier and VirusBarrier, which is kept up to date.


I do not send unsolicited mail or e-mail.

I may contact people with whom I have had no previous contact, if they have already given permission for me to do so. For example pregnant mums who have signed up to receive special offers from Emma's Diary may be contacted.