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“...shared it with both sets of parents and the response is pretty emphatic - they love the photos.”
Matt and Sanna

Photos of Brighton Beach

I may be a professional "people photographer" but I also take photos for fun. For my own personal pleasure and recreation.

I visited Brighton Beach some time ago and these photos have been sitting on a hard drive untouched for ages. One of the things I am doing during this coronavirus "lock down" is going through old photos. I found these and thought it would be nice to share them.

I was lucky with the weather that day. The sky is very "expressive".

I was also lucky with the light. Ths sun is quite low, and mixed with darker skies from the North (ie inland) it lit up the coastal structures nicely.

I was also lucky with the tide because there is pleny of "beach" showing. You do call loads of stones a "beach" don't you?

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos. There are only ten of them. I don't want to bore anyone with my "holiday snaps"!